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Best Handheld Steamer of 2023 -Electrolux LX-15002 Garment Steamer 

Feb. 09, 2023
The Spruce

Handheld steamers are more compact than upright units, making them a top choice if you have a smaller home. When we put it to the test, the Electrolux Garment Steamer was one of the top performers in this category. We were charmed by its sleek design and modern appearance, complete with a stylish silhouette and matte black finish.

In addition to looking great and feeling sturdy, this handheld steamer also performed quite well. It was able to remove both large and small wrinkles in just two or three passes, and it gave off an impressive amount of steam on its high setting. The power button for this steamer is on the back of its head, and it has an indicator light that lets you know when it’s ready to use. There are two settings to choose from, and a trigger on the front allows you to start or stop the steam as needed. There’s even a sliding trigger lock that provides continuous steam. This model also features an unusually long 12-foot power cord, making it ideal in rooms with inconvenient outlet placement.

The new line will be available at Nordstrom, Bed Bath & Beyond, Saks Fifth Ave, Lowe's, and home appliance retailers nationwide. "We are thrilled to introduce the new line of Electrolux garment care products which combine state-of-the-art technology with sustainable engineering," says Eli Vinitsky, Director of Sales. Contact:


To discover new opportunities and learn about this line of steamers and irons visit


Smartek USA, Inc. is a leading distributor of quality garment care products.  From cutting-edge steamers to innovative clothing irons, Smartek USA's dedication to embracing the latest technology is what has enabled the company to garner distribution at retailers nationwide.


Electrolux Enters Garment Care Biz

Electrolux is looking to clean up this holiday season with a licensed line of garment care products.

The assortment, developed with Brooklyn, N.Y.-based Smartek USA, includes a SteadySteam iron that provides a continuous burst of steam, and a selection of handheld steamers in full and compact sizes.

Smartek said the products are hitting shelves this month at Lowe’s, HSN, Macy’s, Nordstrom and select appliance dealers, at price points ranging from $50 for a compact steamer to $130 for the SteadySteam iron.

Besides offering consumers the convenience of home garment care, the new line also supports Electrolux’s sustainability initiative by employing environmentally friendly product components and packaging. “Electrolux is a leader in sustainability and our efforts in this area are core to who we are,” said marketing VP Amie Guy. “We are selective about our partners because we want them to uphold the same values. Smartek USA has proven that they can develop consumer-driven products that are both innovative and environmentally-conscious.”

Added Smartek CEO Michael Retek, “Our partnership with Electrolux, a global leader in home appliances, is something we know will bring meaningful value to consumers and retailers throughout North America.”

In addition to the new Electrolux line, Smartek USA also markets sewing, cleaning, travel, and closet organization products under the Eureka, Sunbeam and Smartek brands.


The Best Gadgets and Tech From Nordstrom

Mar. 23, 2022

A Travel Steamer: Electrolux Handheld Travel Steamer/Traveling doesn't mean you have to deal with wrinkled clothing. The Electrolux Handheld Travel Steamer ($50) will steam the folds and wrinkles away in minutes. It has 10 minutes of continuous steaming. Plus, it doesn't leak, so you can steam your clothes on a surface or hanging.


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Experts share the do's and don'ts of steaming your clothes

Apr. 7, 2023

If laundry days are already too busy, this garment steamer is a convenient choice. The handheld device features electromagnetic steam pump technology to remove tough creases and a shut-off feature to ensure maximum safety when you're away. The heavy-duty ceramic plate and adjustable steam setting will deliver smooth results to your wardrobe.


 The Best Portable           Steamers for Wedding Attire

With a powerful 1500W system, this steamer has enough power to steam through any thick fabric like cotton and wool. It has a whopping 18 minutes of continuous steaming to work through those tougher wrinkles and a quick 30 seconds of heat up time. It also has a 10 ounce capacity, so you can work through many different clothes without having to refill. It includes a fabric brush, lint brush, and a heavy duty ceramic sole plate.Source:

Aug. 17, 2023


The Best Clothing Steamers of 2023, Tested by HGTV Editors

May. 5, 2023

Gone are the days of waiting forever for the iron to heat up and even longer to finally remove wrinkles and get out the door. With the Electrolux Handheld Garment and Fabric Steamer, you can have wrinkle-free clothing in just a few minutes. The removable 10-ounce water tank heats up in only 30 seconds and can continuously steam for up to 18 minutes. The steamer features two steam settings as well as an option to lock the trigger for continuous steam. Its 1,500 watts of power efficiently removed wrinkles in our tester's lyocell dress in just one pass, and her cotton dress took about two passes to remove the wrinkles. Because our tester says she always forgets to iron/steam until the last minute, she appreciated how quickly the steamer heated up and how fast it got the job done. As well as fast wrinkle-releasing capabilities, it also features a heavy-duty ceramic soleplate on the nozzle that evenly distributes the heat of the steam and helps control static on garments. Pump steam technology ensures no leaking or spilling of water no matter which way you use the steamer, vertically or horizontally, though our tester did notice a slight condensation transfer on the first few passes of the steamer after heating up. Other notable features include an auto shutoff function, a 12-foot power cord, included lint remover and fabric brush attachments, and a heat-resistant storage box.Source:

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Unwrinkle Your Wardrobe ASAP With the Best Clothes Steamers

Aug. 16, 2023

Why we chose it: A petite steamer that packs a punch.


Despite the fact that I’ve used upright steamers my entire professional career, at home I only use handheld models (that’s all that can fit inside my tiny New York City apartment). This Electrolux steamer is lightweight and easy to use, and the design is sleek and simple. It comes with a fabric brush, which is useful for removing hair and lint, and despite there being no actual handle, it is effortless to grip. The water reservoir is shaped to accommodate the half-moon silhouette of the base, so the hole is on the smaller side—not a big issue, but you’ll want to wipe off the water tank before clicking it back in.



The 7 Best Travel Steamers of 2023

Apr. 13, 2023
Travel and Leisure

If you prefer convenience (and tend to pack in a checked suitcase) this steamer might be the best option for you. The Electrolux Portable Handheld Garment and Fabric Steamer isn’t particularly compact or lightweight, but it does offer the best steaming action and largest tank capacity on the list. We particularly love this option because of the ergonomic design that makes it easy to both grip and manipulate while steaming all kinds of garments. We also love that the Electrolux heats up in just 30 seconds for fast and efficient steaming.


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